The Growability workbook is the tool you need to cultivate health and accelerate growth at your business. 

It’s both a business plan and a strategic plan all in one place. 

Why Buy the Growability Workbook?

Have you ever seen the old black and white movies about Frankenstein? They are kind of creepy. Here you have a guy who is made up from a bunch of different people’s body parts all sewn together to form a monster!

Whereas you are not likely to ever meet a real Frankenstein, the strategic plans at most organizations look like “Business Frankenstein.” Business owners collect various bits of information from multiple sources, slap them together and call it a business plan! These business owners fail to see how every aspect of their plan should fit together as a complimentary whole.

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Growing a business should be organic, not disconnected!

The Growability™ workbook not only teaches the 12 Fundamentals for building a strategic plan, it also provides a template for continual improvement at your organization.

The Growability™ 12-Step Business Plan

STEP 1: Consider Your Season
STEP 2: Find Your Soil
STEP 3: Plant Your Seed
STEP 4: Water Your Seed
STEP 5: Establish Your Taproot
STEP 6: Establish Your Trunk
STEP 7: Deepen Your Roots
STEP 8: Pull Your Weeds
STEP 9: Prune and Grow Your Branches
STEP 10: Establish Your Leaves
STEP 11: Check Your Fruit
STEP 12: Bring Your Basket to Market

What makes our approach different?

One of the biggest challenges in running is a business is “not knowing what you don’t know”. How do you avoid business mistakes if you don’t even know what questions to ask? Most business consultants are primarily concerned with telling their clients WHAT to think. Our approach is different. With our approach we focus on teaching our clients HOW to think. We have discovered that if a business owner knows the right questions to ask, they can overcome almost any obstacle.

The Growability Workbook teaches you the right questions to ask for your business! 

Most people can’t afford the high cost of quality business consultation. This workbook is a give-back. Growability™’s founder Joshua MacLeod decided that rather than limit his offering to those few business clients who can afford his services, he would offer this workbook for anyone wanting to start or grow a business at an affordable cost. The Growability™ workbook uses the same base curriculum as Growability™ Consultation at a fraction of the cost! This workbook is the result of thousands of hours interviewing successful leaders, reading business books, and consulting with small business experts. It’s designed to help you grow…and it works!

Don’t take our word for it. Ask our clients:


“Applying the principles taught by Joshua and his team over the last two years has created exceptional growth in our practice.”

Dr. Mark Hardison – Middle Tennessee Oral & Implant Surgery

“Joshua sets the standard for organizational training. We now have a common language that we can use for continual improvement. The vision, mission and values section is a game changer. “

J.D. Swilley – founder, seeds church

“I went from feeling overwhelmed to having complete confidence knowing I have a plan and the tools necessary to grow.”

DEB timson – Executive director, marriage dynamics institute

Accelerate your Business Growth, get a copy of the Growability® Workbook!