Overcoming Personality Ignorance in Your Office


Okay, let’s start with a number one culture killer in any organization, personality ignorance. If you’ve ever found yourself in a conversation talking with someone and realizing, that no matter what you say, they are not gonna understand the point that you’re trying to make. There’s a good chance that they have a way different personality than yours and understanding a different personality profile will help you be able to communicate better with that individual.

There are several great personality profiles that you can find online. One of them is a DISC profile. And you can actually get a free DISC profile from Tony Robbins website, just type in Tony Robbins free DISC profile, and it’s on there. Hopefully it’s still there.
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Similar to a DISC profile, is an animal personality profile test created by a guy named Gary Smalley. And that’s the one I wanna share about today. In Gary Smalley’s free personality profile, he says that there are four different types of personality. One is a lion, the second, an otter. The third, a retriever and finally, the beaver. If you follow those in terms of a DISC profile, your D is your lion, your I is your otter, your S is a golden retriever and your C is a beaver. Let’s talk about each of these different profiles to help gain some personality intelligence.

The first personality is the lion. What makes a lion, a lion? Well, for starters, they like to be in charge. The lion is first in line to take responsibility for an organization, they wanna be the captain of the team, they like to be the owner of the business, the boss, the person in charge. That’s what drives them. They love to be in charge. If you’re talking to a lion, it’s really important to be efficient and get to the point. Don’t wait around in this long story that never actually ends in anywhere. Get to the point, tell them what you want, what they need and they will love you for it. Consulting business owners, I meet lions all of the time. And I’ve discovered a really important question to ask a lion in a meeting. And that question is, what does winning look like? If you’re a lion, you care about winning. You like to be in charge because you want to win. A lion is going to win the game. They might have a broken leg, they might have a black eye. A couple of people might have died on the way to the finish life, but they’re gonna win. So when you’re working with a lion, ask the question, what does winning look like?

The second personality type is an otter. This is an I on your DISC profile. The otter has a single question. What does fun look like? Otters love fun, they love interesting facts, they keep life real. Otters are people who remember that life is about having fun so when you go to work, it’s not just George Jetson pushing the button, you can actually have fun. Otters are outgoing, they’re compassionate. They’re fun loving, they cry at movies, they’re just into life. And it’s fun to be around an otter. In the workplace, a lot of your top sales people are otters because they can take any situation and figure out a way to make it interesting. If you’re in a meeting with an otter, ask the question, what does fun look like?

The third personality profile is a golden retriever. This is an S on the DISC profile. Golden retrievers are trustworthy, they’re safe. They are people that look for balance in the organization. If you go and meet with them, you’re gonna feel calm, you’re going to feel good. They like to make the environment comfortable. In a business meeting with a golden retriever, the question you wanna ask is, what does balance look like? Winning is not as important for a golden retriever like it is for a lion. A golden retriever wants to know that this is gonna be good for everybody. It’s going to be good for them. It’s going to be good for the team. So asking the question, what does balance look like, allows that golden retriever to express their opinion.

The final of the four personality types is what Gary Smalley calls the beaver. This is the C on the DISC profile. Beavers are detail oriented. They like to be right. They don’t wanna just have the computer, they wanna have the exact computer to do the thing. They don’t just want tires on their car, they want the right kind of tires. If you’re relating with a beaver, give them lots of evidence. Put the details on the paper so that they can look at it and think about it and make sure they’re making a right decision. The question to ask a beaver in a business meeting is, what does the ideal look like? They will give you incredible insights about what is the right thing to do in your business.

I want to give you an incredible tool for understanding the different personalities of individuals when you’re in a business meeting or when you go to work. Ask the questions, what does winning look like? What does fun look like? What does balance look like? What does the ideal look like? In the description of this video, there are some links to some free personality profiles that are extremely helpful for gaining personality intelligence for your organization. Understanding these personality differences is an incredible tool for dismantling the culture killer of personality ignorance. In the next video, we’re gonna talk about another culture killer, negative sarcasm. Thanks for your valuable time.[/read]

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