Overcoming Whining at Your Office



Today’s video is about addressing the culture killer of whining. Now with eight children, I know a lot about whining. Mostly from me, mostly it’s me whining. But when a child of mine comes in and they’re whining, it’s like the worst thing in the world. I don’t have my shoes on. If you don’t have your shoes on, then go get your shoes. I’ll help you put your shoes on or put your shoes on.

Whining is talking about a problem without offering a solution or genuinely seeking help. The problem with whining is, for some reason, it makes us feel better, even though we’re not solving any of the problem. Maybe it’s we’ve got our whiny feelings out, but who does this actually help?

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Whining in an office is a culture killer. It’s more contagious than the flu. If one employee starts whining, then somebody else starts whining, then you start whining because they’re whining. And everybody is whining. It’s like, it’s like the kid in the nursery that starts crying and then everybody starts crying.

Whining kills innovation. Because when I’m talking about a problem and not looking at a solution, I’m not being innovative. I’m not being creative. My thought process is negative instead of positive. And whining leaves people underdeveloped. If we as leaders of organizations allow people to whine, they’re never gonna grow. So how do you solve the problem of whining that’s a culture killer in any business?

First, require two solutions for every whine. So let’s say a team member comes in and they’re whining because the printer is never working right. So go back to that person and say, you’re right, let’s have two solutions for how we can solve our printer problem. Or maybe somebody’s whining because their sales are down or maybe somebody’s whining because of market conditions. Every time someone brings a whine, turn it around and ask for two solutions for the thing that they’re whining about.

The second thing is adding a “but” to the end of every whine. And you can do this with your team, you can do this with yourself. So the whine happened. Oh, the coffee maker is broke. But, it did work for 15 years. Oh, the printer is broke. But, we probably have a tech team that can fix that. Instead of just letting the whine end, put a but at the end of every whine and turn it around into something positive.

If you will address this culture killer to your office, your staff will be more empowered and accomplish much greater things. In the next video, we’re gonna talk about the final culture killer that you can get rid of at your office, gossip. Please hit the subscribe button below and stay tuned for the next video on how to grow your business.[/read]

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