Liability, Leadership, and Life

Some people are more concerned about liability than they are about life.
All in the name of leadership, which isn’t leading.

Sure. Consider liability. We live in a litigious age and none of us are far from the grasp of lawyers.

I sat in a meeting recently in which the discussion asked this question:

“How can we move forward and protect ourselves from lawsuits?”

The question should have been:

“How can we move forward in the best interests of our membership and our community?”

This is the leadership question. Leaders will act with wisdom. But a leader’s first concern will not be self-protection.

Leadership is the intersection of influence, vision, and character.
Character is about sacrifice for the benefit of others.
To use the words made famous by Simon Sinek:

Leaders eat last.

“Leadership is not a license to do less; it is a responsibility to do more.”