EP1 – About Growability – Introducing Joshua & Bernie

About Growability

Climbing the Corporate Ladder

Climbing the corporate ladder in the litigation sector, I could easily see the trappings of success. I was surrounded by attorneys with multiple sports cars, jets, and even whole islands. The money and status were good…very good but there was a problem. This isn’t where I wanted to be. I had more resources than I was used to and a career I truly enjoyed. I loved the litigation world. But, I had a problem.

I couldn’t see beyond it. It was too easy to live the comfortable life I had built and not see past it to places where I really needed to be. I wanted to answer the question of why God put me on this planet and I couldn’t say this was it. I knew God wanted something different for me.

Thankfully, I had a skill set that made me successful. Technology combined with storytelling skills was the gift I used in the courtroom but now I wanted to use it for a different purpose.

A Leap of Faith

At 27 years old, I hadn’t learned that you can live purposefully no matter where you are planted. I was itching for a change and I had the freedom to take a risk, so I did the only rational thing I could think of: I leapt off the corporate ladder and became a nonprofit film-maker. The next 7 years would take me to 21 countries studying global poverty and helping raise millions of dollars for incredible organizations.

It was during this season that I learned what genuine leadership looks like. I was inspired by incredible examples in AIDS clinics, war zones, and orphanages. I learned how well-run organizations can leave a positive legacy in a community.

10,000 Hours Plus

Having become comfortable in my new life, I was drawn back into the business arena by one of my mentors. “If you want to make a real difference in the world then you should go into consulting! With only six weeks or six months of consultation, you can empower someone for a lifetime or meaningful work. Help them achieve and grow.”

I’ve now spent 10,000+ hours doing just that: developing leaders, managing people, growing businesses, and improving marketing. Our fruit grows up on other people’s trees. Everyone has blind spots, whether you are doing business, ministry, or non-profit work. We all “don’t know what we don’t know.”  There are skill sets, habits, rhythms, and other things you need as a leader to learn.

Growing your business and developing as a leader is no accident.

This is the calling and purpose of my life. I want to help people become the leaders that they were meant and made to be, help them thrive in that, help them understand their strengths and to understand how to come together for an experience bigger than themselves.

I want people to “take the leap” into an incredibly meaningful career, knowing they are landing on firm ground built with a foundation of excellence.

Planting the Seeds of Real Success

Growability is a team of coaches dedicated to learning and training the fundamental principles that help organizations grow and thrive. We’re not just a leadership, management, or marketing organization. We are an organization that builds tools to synergize leadership, management, and marketing.

Our mission to teach business owners and leaders a more excellent way to run their business. We equip leaders to flourish in their life and work by cultivating vision, rhythm, and community.

Joshua MacLeod