Growability Step 1 – Clarify Vision

How clear is the vision for your business? Is your team inspired by where your organization is headed?

This podcast shares the first step in the six-step Growability Business Operating System. Clarify Vision!

The Six Steps to Clarify Organizational Vision include:

  1. Business Season
  2. Market & Competitor Analysis
  3. Competitive Advantages
  4. Purpose Vision Mission Value Statements
  5. Community Impact Strategy
  6. Mission Map

This podcast helps answer the following questions:

  • Why Is vision important to my business?
  • Do I really need a vision, mission, or values statement?
  • How do I make a vision statement that’s actually useful?
  • What is the most straightforward way to clarify vision?
  • How does clarified vision help my team and the bottom line?

The Growability Podcast is designed to equip leaders and entrepreneurs to grow scalable, effective, and generous organizations. Hosted by Bernie Anderson and the founder of Growability Joshua MacLeod.

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